From the love of a Mizzie Teething Toy to rescuing a real-life roo. Meet Mizzie-Roo

Mizzie Meets George

Above: George's Mizzie Adventure from loving our teething toy to meeting Mizzie-Roo

From the love of a Mizzie Teething Toy to rescuing a real-life roo, we are so excited to follow little George's adventures in his Mizzie-filled world! 
Introducing Little George and his newest friend, Mizzie-Roo. Mizzie-Roo was rescued on George's family Dunraven Station in Outback QLD, after falling out of her mother's pouch. We are over the moon to see that Mizzie-Roo will now live among the loving Doneley Family as they raise their son, George, on the cattle and sheep property run by the family for over 100 years!

Little George was born late 2018 and at 6 months old, he received his Mizzie The Kangaroo 100% Natural Rubber Teething Toy and the Mizzie The Kangaroo books from a dear friend. Mizzie was such a hit with George and his family, that they quickly became favourites, and still are! 

Above: George & Mizzie Teething Toy playing at 6months old

And so, 4 weeks ago, when George's dad, Paul, saw a joey fall out of her mum's pouch and decided to bring her home - there was no hesitation on what to call her - MIZZIE!! 

Mizzie-Roo has moved in with George, Dad - Paul, Mum - Ali and Grandparents - Roberta and Peter, and she gets stronger every day! Mizzie-Roo is also little sister to Rosie, a kangaroo rescued by the family 15 years ago!

Above: Mizzie-Roo is rescued!

Mizzie-Roo will be starting a brand new life as she grows up with George to help out on the station - and she has a new job too! Mizzie-Roo will be greeting and welcoming guests on the gorgeous Barcaldine Tag Along Tours - where you can come and see how life on a property in Western Outback Queensland works and runs. Meet real country historians with years of knowledge and experience and let the Doneley home make you feel part of the real outback! This tour is perfect for young families and grey nomads to experience something you will never forget with good, knowledgeable people.

 Above: George & Granny Roberta meet Mizzie-Roo!

 Above: Mizzie-Roo at feeding time.

We are humbled to know Mizzie-Roo was named after one of George's favourite Toys - Mizzie The Kangaroo, and we will be keeping a close eye on our new friend Mizzie-Roo on her life's journey, updating you regularly. Come back for updates on as she grows up and lives on Dunraven Station with the Doneley family! Thank you to the Doneley family for showing your amazing support to our Aussie brand!

You want to meet Mizzie-Roo? As she grows stronger, and as the COVID-19 restrictions ease, you will be able to: The Barcaldine Tag Along Tours are the perfect way to get your little ones out and about and discovering Outback Queensland and sheep and cattle life. Call the team at Barcaldine Tag Along Tours on (07) 4651 1652 to find out more!

You can find Mizzie The Kangaroo, and all of George's other favourites, at

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