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Having been learning for the best part of the last year, your little one is now at a point of combining a lot of the concepts and skills she has learned so far all together. It is a truly remarkable time to engage with your almost toddler as they interact with you and their world differently to ever before.

From words, to actions and physical movements, there are so many ways bub is going to try to impress you and interact with you while building on their communication skills. Now is the time to really get in and start having some fun with them, singing and clapping, playing games and chatting with them.

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At Mizzie, we know that toddlers on your trips or errands can be daunting!

These experiences are important for your little love's development, but they don't need to be super stressful!

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If you haven’t started reading to your little one yet, don’t fret, its never too late to start. Reading with babies and children is a constant learning journey with every word read to them beneficial to their cognitive development. As bub listens to your words, she will creating sound patterns in her mind, working on recollection and memory to understand the words and their meaning, even though she can’t say them just yet.

Board books are the perfect style of book for you to read with your little one, as the books are designed with little hands in mind. As bub grows you will find he can start holding the books himself whilst you read.

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Creative exploration is an ongoing process from the minute your little one is born. First through observation, and now they are beginning to put what they are learning into practice. Now at a stage of purposefully picking up toys, banging them, dropping them and chewing on them and really spending time examining the items in front of them, determining the relationship they have with the item and its purpose.

This is a really great time to sit back and watch your baby interact with their world, every day they are busying themselves learning and exploring their environment as their senses work hard transmitting information to their brain allowing them to creatively interact with the things around them.

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With water being similar to womb conditions, babies tend to be naturally relaxed when it comes to the water and love to splash around in the bath or the pool. Mizzie knows how important water safety is for babies and wanted to share some information about swimming lessons with your baby so that they can get the best start now and develop a healthy relationship with the water and begin learning in a safe controlled environment.

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