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Having been learning for the best part of the last year, your little one is now at a point of combining a lot of the concepts and skills she has learned so far all together. It is a truly remarkable time to engage with your almost toddler as they interact with you and their world differently to ever before.

From words, to actions and physical movements, there are so many ways bub is going to try to impress you and interact with you while building on their communication skills. Now is the time to really get in and start having some fun with them, singing and clapping, playing games and chatting with them.

To find out what to expect from your little one, check out our Mizzie World Blog.
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After Bub comes home, it's totally normal and okay to feel lonely and a little stuck!

But, we can help to make it a bit easier! Here are our Mizzie tips to help you feel more focused and fulfilled through your day, when you feel stuck!

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