Mizzie Memory Match in The Independent UK!

 Mizzie The Kangaroo memory match flash card

Mizzie Memory Match and flash Card

**Below Article Is Reposted by Scandi Mommy & Was Not Written By The Mizzie Team**

Best: Card game

Rating: 7/10

There’s something comforting about stripping back to the basics and just playing with a pack of cards. Parents may be familiar with Australia’s Mizzie the Kangaroo, a natural teething toy. The brand has now branched out to the world of developmental cards in a big way… quite literally with 36 jumbo cards.

In the pack, 18 cards are matching pairs allowing you to play a classic memory matching game, we enjoyed the illustrations with strong influences of life down under such as Mizzie the Kangaroo herself. But there’s also flashcards which have numbers and letters, as well as Aussie-inspired illustrations so there’s plenty for parents and young learners to get stuck into.

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