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Christmas Gift Guide 2021 For Children

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Hop Out Mizzie and Sound Book

Mizzie The Kangaroo is a collection of toys for the younger members of the family, offering a range of Mizzie toys including –

  • Sing With Mizzie Sound Book – A lovely nursery rhymes SOUND baby board book on the market! This wonderful and interactive SOUND BOOK was designed especially to awaken and ignite children’s love of singing, listening skills and to encourage the love of reading.
  • Musical Hop Out Mizzie Music Box – Musical hop out Mizzie is a classic and fun, developmental toy with so many learning benefits! Also known as a ‘Jack in the box’.
    Learn to turn the level. Listen to the music and wait. Learn about timing when smiling soft toy Mizzie The Kangaroo hops out and charms you, to the music ‘Pop Goes the Weasel’

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