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mini Mizzie

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Reviewed by Hannah Chan

Mizzie is made by an Australian company named after their kangaroo character.  They specialise in educational toys made from natural materials which are just perfect for little explorers. The brand have won many awards in Australia for their products and have been featured in several baby magazines and blogs. Mizzie are a small and passionate team who were brought together by Mum of two, who was desperate for a locally made all natural rubber teether. When she couldn’t find what she was looking for, she created her own brand using a well loved Australian animal for her star, named Mizzie.

This teether is absolutely adorable! I couldn’t wait to gift it to my 3 ½ month old nephew. Bright orange and cream with a cute Kangaroo face, my nephew loved it! Whenever he saw it he made a grab for it with raised eyebrows and that kind of expression where you can imagine them saying…I need to lick that! (parents of small ones will know exactly what I mean). It is a great size for small hands too, not too small and not too big, it fits into the palm of an adult hand. It can help with grasping skills because of its round shape which makes it easy for baby to hold.
As it is circular with a hole through the middle, it is easy to attach to prams using straps and can be added to high chairs too. This saves it being lost when out and about as we all know babies like to drop things. I remember spending a good hour retracing my steps in the snow once looking for a teether which had been thrown out of the pram. I never did find it.

It is very strong which surprised me, held up well to being squeezed and pulled about by older siblings. I had imagined it to be much thinner rubber but it seems very robust. There are no holes like in other brands of teethers, so no nasty germs can get inside and harbour. This also means it can be washed easily without worrying about water getting stuck inside. It is a lovely texture too, it has just the right amount of give when gummed. It feels soft to touch and doesn’t have that overpowering rubber smell which is a bonus! It is lovely and soothing on gums, free from any toxic dyes and is PVC, BPA, nitrosamines and phthalates free! Meaning you can trust it is safe for baby.

The Mizzie teether retails at £14.99 which for a natural rubber teether is a very good price point. I really did love that there are no holes which for me implies a higher level of cleanliness as some other brands bother me a little as they seem more difficult to wash.

Mizzie The Kangaroo products

Mizzie have a huge range of educational toys ranging from books and jigsaws to teethers. On their very easy to navigate website you’ll find friendly advice and tips for those with little ones. In the Mizzie’s World section, you will also find creative ideas for whilst at home like making your own edible fake mud for messy play. (I will be using this recipe myself).

Overall I give this item 5/5 stars. It would be a perfect stocking filler for an infant who loves to gum and chew, or even older children who still like to chew things. My son liked to chew things right up until the age of two so this would have been great for him and safe enough for young teeth. A great addition to baby shower gifts or new baby gifts, or just because!

Rating: 5/5

This product can be purchased from Mizzie The Kangaroo here.

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