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When your baby’s first teeth start to appear, you’re almost certainly going to know about it. From drool and dribble to chewing on everything in sight, fractious crying or being generally ‘out of sorts’; teething can be a challenging time for babies and parents alike.

A baby’s gums can feel tender and sore as their teeth start to break through the surface and as such, a good quality teether can provide some much-needed relief and distraction. With a huge range of teether toys on the market, however, how do you know which one to choose?

How do I know my baby is teething?

One of the first signs that your baby is teething is when their behaviour starts to change. Toothache can be really painful for your baby, particularly as the tooth starts to breaks through the surface of the gum. They may be off their food, cry more than normal or seem particularly restless and irritable. You may also notice physical signs of teething such as red cheeks, an increased amount of dribble, red swollen gums and a desire to chew on everything in sight.

How to choose the best teething toy for your baby

There are lots of teething toys and teethers available, so when choosing which is the right one for your baby, you’ll first want to check the suitability for their age. Some are suitable from birth, whilst others are aimed at age 2 months and above. Some teethers are more suitable for when your baby has more advanced fine motor skills and when their back teeth or molars start to develop.When selecting the right teething toy for your baby, you may also want to consider how easy they are to hold, the materials used and how easy they are to clean.From soft silicone to natural rubber, teething rings to teething toys and bibs, here’s the ES Best round up of the best teethers you can buy for your baby today

Mizzie The Kangaroo - Baby Teether Toy

A bright, bold and colourful teething toy that is certain to catch and hold your baby’s attention, Mizzie the Kangaroo is Australia’s top-selling teething toy which is now proving to be just as popular here in the UK.

Made from 100 per cent natural rubber, it’s an easy to grab, larger-sized teething toy, which comes with lots of chewable areas across her entire body, ears and feet, helping to soothe your baby’s sensitive gums and provide some much-needed distraction. Developed to stimulate across your baby’s five senses, Mizzie is not only soft to the touch and unique in scent but ‘laughs’ when she’s squeezed with an audible squeak.

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Written by: Lucy Cotterill, The Evening Standard

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