Mizzie the Kangaroo – Natural Teething Toy Review

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Reviewed by Alex Wilde

This week I have been asked to a review a new product that has hopped, skipped, jumped and drooled its way around the world to the UK. I’m talking about the award-winning, Australian teething toy – Mizzie the Kangaroo. Having a full set of gnashers myself, I referred this one to my 12-month-old niece who has begun her teething journey.

The big question on everyone’s gums – could Mizzie usurp the ubiquitous French giraffe as a family favourite?

My niece was instantly drawn to Mizzie; outstretched arms and a joyful giggle made it clear she was attracted to the 19cm figure. She delighted at Mizzie’s squeak when I squeezed its tummy. To begin with, she was also interested in Mizzie’s squeakability – testing which parts of her body created the sound and which the loudest. I like, and it’s a big positive, how Mizzie is multi-purpose – building her sensory development through play and stimulation of the senses. I talked about how Kangaroo’s hop and we mimicked this ourselves. Mizzie still tightly clutched, we bounded around the living room. It wasn’t long before my hopping was of little interest and Mizzie herself was bouncing along furniture. It is worth noting that Mizzie is perfectly balanced and will stand upright on her hind legs.

As it would with all toddlers, the inevitable followed quickly. The object of fascination made it to her mouth, every square centimetre was shoved, chewed, twisted and drooled over with her gums and emerging teeth. For such a prolonged assault it’s important for parents to be assured that the teething aid is non-toxic and suitable. And Mizzie certainly is, specially designed by Australian parents and made from 100% natural Hevea tree rubber – free from PVC, BPA etc. and painted with water based non-toxic dyes. I did test this myself by smell and taste, both were odourless. Pre-slobber of course! Although Mizzie is an Australian product, she is advertised as fully compliant with EU and American Toy Safety Standards.

  • Made from 100% natural rubber
  • Soothes on gums
  • Water-based non-toxic dyes
  • Free from PVC, BPA, nitrosamines and phthalates
  • Made for little hands
  • Designed by Australian parents

After a good ol’ gnawing, I inspected Mizzie for any signs of tearing or discolouration. I can report that she remained intact and as cheerful as when she sprung out the box. I followed the instructions and wiped her down with a cloth and warm soapy water. The guidance advises owners not to fully submerge her, sterilise or clean in the dishwasher. I left Mizzie with my niece and her parents said she has been enjoyed since.

Returning to my original question, I believe Mizzie is the perfect rival for the aforementioned four-legged fave. It’s great to see a trusted and genuine competitor entering the market.

CHEWse Mizzie for her naturally soft safe rubber material, her sensory stimulating fun and adorable orange character and knowledge that your child’s gums and teeth are being soothed safely.

Rating: 5/5

Price: £16.80

Mizzie The Kangaroo is available through www.mizziethekangaroo.co.uk.   

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