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mizzie the teething toy

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I’m over halfway through my pregnancy now (24 weeks actually), I’ve started to buy for our little girl. I’ve been collecting clothes, making blankets and picking out a few new toys that are suitable from birth. We were lucky enough to be offered a PR sample of Mizzie the Kangaroo – who is suitable from birth upwards – to share our thoughts on.

Mizzie retails at £16.80 and is available in the UK (despite originally coming from Australia). She’s a great teething toy made from 100% natural rubber, designed with sore gums and sensory development in mind.

Mizzie the teething toy unboxed

How Mizzie can help your little one

This time around I’m all about making sure the toys I bring into my baby’s life will be used and loved. By baby number three, you’ve usually realised that not everything can be a favourite and some toys cost a lot but do very little.

Mizzie is the opposite of this, costing only a little but doing a great deal.

Mizzie stood up

This is what Mizzie is fantastic for:

  • Sight – through her playful colours and features
  • Touch – with her soft and rubbery texture
  • Hearing – she laughs with a ‘squeeze’ when she is hugged hard
  • Smell – from her 100% natural rubber form the Hevea tree

She makes a perfect baby shower gift, or something cute to bring over when you visit baby for the first time. If you’re like me and getting ready for your new arrival, this is something small and easy to store until the little on enters the world.

Mizzie standing up

Mizzie is a beautiful natural product, made of naturally occurring materials and coloured with water-based, non-toxic dyes. She stimulates your baby’s senses early on, and she squeaks! Is it even possible to have a favourite teething toy that doesn’t squeak?

Get your hands on a Mizzie today!


Mizzie The Kangaroo is available through www.mizziethekangaroo.co.uk.           

For press enquiries, please contact us at teegan@mizziethekangaroo.com /   graz@obsessionpr.com   

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