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Musical Hop Out Mizzie

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If you’re anything like me, you’ll have left your Eid shopping a little late. While you might get away with it with hubby, there is no way the kids will let you off. But hey, rest assured that this quick, affordable and accessible last minute Eid gift ideas for under 5’s guide has you covered. 

Musical hop out Mizzie the Kangaroo

For the toddler in your life, how about a classic and fun developmental toy with learning benefits? This twist on the ‘Jack in the box’ is great fun as it encourages your toddler to learn to turn the lever, listen to the music and wait for the pop! It’s designed to increase fine motor skills, teach children cause and effect and encourage curiosity and discovery. What’s more, it’s an adorable Eid gift.   

Musical hop out Mizzie the Kangaroo is £25.

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