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What do the Good Play Guide Experts think about Musical Hop Out Mizzie?

Musical Hop Out Mizzie and a happy girlThe Musical Hop Out Mizzie is a wonderful music box that really intrigued the children. The little testers figured out how to wind the handle to make the music play and have a fun-filled surprise when the kangaroo jumped out! Some of our younger testers at first needed help to wind the handle, but got there in the end. When they realised the music stopped when they did – they wanted to keep playing it over and over. This toy is great for developing little ones fine motor skills as it really helps them practice the winding motion. Our testers loved discovering how the kangaroo would pop out over and over again when they pushed it back in and repeated winding the handle. As the little ones loved bopping to the music as it was playing, this toy is excellent for promoting music at such a young age and increases their excitement for the musical magic of Mizzie the Kangaroo.

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What do the Good Play Guide Experts think about mini Mizzie?

mini Mizzie and baby

Mizzie the kangaroo teether was loved by all our baby testers and parents. The teether is very lightweight and a good size for the babies to hold onto. The ring shape makes this particularly easy for little hands to grab and hold. The 100% natural rubber seemed to soothe the babies gums very well and proves to be very durable. The mini Mizzie teether did not show any signs of wear and tear after our babies had used them. This teether is very easy to wipe clean, making it a hit with the parents as well as the babies! As well as soothing the gums this teether helps to develop the babies fine motor skills as they learn to grab it and put it in their mouths.  The teether also fosters their curiosity through the fun bright colours and friendly design of the kangaroos face.

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