Rachel Bustin - An Essential Baby Product List and Gift Ideas For Parents

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"An Essential Baby Product List and Gift Ideas For Parents

Teething Toy

It’s always handy to have a baby teething toy on hand. I’m in love with Mizzie the Kangaroo. Isn’t it so cute! Mizzie comes with a choice of two baby books. We got Mizzie Likes to Help Bella-Boo at the Beach. Mizzie is a bright coloured teething toy made from 100% natural Australian rubber and is designed to help babies learn through play by stimulating the senses, developing fine motor skills, teaching cause and effect.

You can buy Mizzie Baby Board Book Gift Set with Mizzie Teething Toy here and Mizzie over at Amazon."


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Mizzie The Kangaroo is available through www.mizziethekangaroo.co.uk.           

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