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Sing With Mizzie - Nursery Rhymes

"Sing With Mizzie Nursery Rhymes" describes itself as the best nursery rhymes sound book on the market. It certainly is different to the other sound books we've seen recently.

This wonderful and interactive sound book was designed especially to awaken and ignite children's love of singing, listening skills and to encourage the love of reading. 

Press the button and hear 6 favourite nursery rhymes, all beautifully sung by Aussie Queensland school children! 

Mizzie Likes To Help Bella-Boo...

Mizzie Likes To Help Bella-Boo At The Beach is all about the fun and safety at the beach, with Mizzie helping Bella-Boo through fun and interactive beach scenes. The thick board pages are especially made for little hands with touch and feel components to discover, have fun and interact with books.

Mizzie Likes To Help Bella-Boo Be Active shows the fun in being active, indoors and outdoors, with Mizzie helping Bella-Boo be active in different activities from football and swimming to playing in the park and ballet dancing. 


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