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Mizzie The Kangaroo

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12 best teethers that provide relief (and fun) for tots

Babies tend to get their first teeth when they’re around six months old. It can be a challenging time, as it can be quite painful for your little one. But stock up on some teethers and things should be a lot easier for both them and you.

Typical signs your baby is teething may include increased crying, disrupted sleep, dribbing, a rash around their face and some unpleasant nappies. You might also notice their gums are a bit inflamed, or even be able to see the white tooth below the surface of their gum.

Teethers soothe your little one’s gums, and give them something to chew. They can also provide a lovely sensory experience for your baby. Many of these clever toys make noises, have interesting designs, and feature plenty of different textures.

The little bumps and grooves offer a gentle massage on their gums. Some are soft, some are hard. But you should give your baby something they can grasp themselves, and which is non-toxic, for obvious reasons. The item should also be large enough that they can’t fit the entire thing in their mouths.

Mizzie The Kangaroo

Best: For older babies

All our kids loved Mizzie, from our six-month-old to our four-year-old. The latter wasn’t using it as a teether (imagine four years of teething – yikes!), but was drawn to the tactile natural rubber texture and the squeak. Children are quite like dogs, aren’t they? Anyway, Mizzie is very fun and a great teether. It’s on the chunkier side, so our younger baby initially found it hard to grasp her, but now loves her. The different textures provided by the nose, ears and hair are perfect for teething bubs. Plus she’s so bright and colourful that she’s easy to find in a sea of baby toys.

Buy now £14.99, Mizziethekangaroo.co.uk

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