What's Good To Do Review - July 2021

Sing With Mizzie Nursery Rhyme Book And Musical Hop Out Gift Set Review


Reviewed by Charlie Bracher-Parkes - What's Good To Do Team

I have been lucky enough to be sent the Sing With Mizzie Nursery Rhyme book and Hop Out (jack in the box) and my one year old son loves it all.

We had never heard of Mizzie before, the Australian kangaroo and he is now a firm favourite in our house. Videos and other content is available on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube with accompanying toys and books.

The book is lovely quality with Mizzie the kangaroo on the front with two other child characters. These characters are repeated throughout the book in the illustrations. The colours are simple and complimentary to the Australian feel and theme of the book and toy.

The pages are thick card meaning they are easy to turn and encourage motor skills and robust when used enthusiastically by little people. There are seven classic nursery rhymes including; Baa baa black sheep, Twinkle, twinkle little star, Row, row, row your boat, Old McDonald, Rock a bye baby and Mary, Mary quite contrary. Each nursery rhyme has a double page spread, on one page is the written rhyme in clear, black text with illustrations depicting the song across both pages. Within the illustrations is a sensor that when pressed plays a 15 second clip of the rhyme sang by Australian children’s choir. My son quickly explored the book, finding the sensors on each page to play the songs.

The back page of the book is thicker and contains the computer and speaker for the songs. As a cautious parent I was pleased to see that the battery for the book for was safely fastened in the back of the book and requires a screw driver to remove the cover to replace it. It also has an on/off switch for the music, which is also a win for quieter days and saves the battery.

We also received the beautiful complementing Mizzie Hop Out toy, which comes in a lovely, very retro feeling tin. It has been years since I have seen a Jack in the Box and it was so lovely to add an ‘old school’, non-electronic toy to my son’s toy collection. The smile on his face when we turned the handle and he heard the traditional ‘Pop goes the weasel’ music was adorable. It was only surpassed by his surprise when Mizzie the kangaroo popped out! As you can imagine he was eager to play with it once he worked out how to do it. Watching him play I can see that he is developing is fine motor skills turning the handle, understanding cause and effect watching the toy pop out and is sensory with the soft toy inside the cool, metal tin.

The box is beautifully decorated, the four sides of the tin is an illustration of an Australian beach scene including sun umbrella, beach ball and surf board. The Mizzie inside the box is good quality soft, ‘velvet’ type material which is nice to explore when pushing it back in the box.

I would definitely recommend the Mizzie book and toy to family and friends as it introduces them to a new character and great quality products.

Rating: I give these products ***** Five Stars.

RRP: £37.00

The book and Hop Out gift set are available to purchase here and separately.

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