The Green Collection

Mizzie The Kangaroo’s purpose is to have maximum positive impact on infant and toddler’s development and wider community, with minimal environmental impact.

  • Our products are created environmentally responsible, with recyclable materials, non-toxic water-based dyes and FCS-certified paper/cardboard.
  • We are entering into a World’s first recycling programme: every Mizzie natural Rubber teether will be able to be recycled at the world’s leader in clean conversions, repurposing our rubber to build roads across Australia.
  • We make a conscious decision to use minimal, yet recyclable, packaging on our products
  • We proudly ship using 100% recyclable materials and packaging (including our tape and non-plastic hex paper wrap
  • We work with not-for-profit ‘Multicap' for the assembly of Australian-made Memory Match Cards, creating employment opportunities for people living with a disability.
  • Mizzie’s Sound book, recorded with Brisbane children, donates part of proceeds of EACH book sold back to the school’s music department.
  • Our products are natural, safe, non-toxic, recyclable and purposeful